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Our tea blends are 100% handcrafted. What does handcrafted tea mean? Each tea bag is measured and ingredients are blended by hand. Love and time goes into every tea bag, made fresh just for you.

A majority of store brand teas are produced by factories. The ingredients are bought in bulk, and the inspection level is minimal. At Gaia Tea we believe that tea is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, we treat our tea the same as a five star meal.

We believe nature provides plentiful of healthy resources. Our company is dedicated to eco-friendly. All our products are recyclable and biodegradable, even our website is powered by wind energy. Our packaging preserves tea freshness and flavor. Each pouch is heat sealed at the top, ensuring it has not been tampered with since production. All our blends are tested by tea drinkers before becoming a Gaia Tea blend. We get involved with our fans and ask which flavors and ingredients are their favorites! Ingredients are measured and adjusted for the perfect balance of flavor and health benefit. Our chef is certified with a Food Sanitation License and completed a rigorous degree at the NYC’s Institute of Culinary Education. He ensures that everything passes the food safety regulations.

Our ingredients come from local farmers, herb & spice shops, and tea importers. We support small businesses. Our blends are known for dry flowers. Most of our blends are based on a flower, a delicate touch to a base tea. Floral notes in tea enhance overall flavor and benefit. We pick only the best for our customers. With your support, handmade teas will make a better day for everyone, one cup at a time.