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I am a classically trained chef whose passion with tea began in the Japanese tea ceremony and rapidly grew to encompass the whole world of tea. While attending Culinary Academy of New York I worked full time as a tea specialist and barista of Tavalon Tea Bar at Union Square. My long term goal has always been to open up a tea lounge with comfortable couches, cool events, great organic food and unique tea blends. Gaia Tea is a stepping stone to get me closer to realizing my dream. I am not a tea snob or purist. I believe tea should be enjoyed by everyone and at all times of the day. Gaia tea is dedicated to using the freshest tea, blending that with medicinal herbs and awesome natural flavors. Join me and partake in natures most beneficial and overlooked secret...Tea.

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Hello everyone, I am excited about Gaia Tea finally getting out there and people seeing what we are all about. I thought making a local tea company among friends and family would be an interesting project, so I went to the best food/drink chef I know; Leon. He is the genius behind our amazing tea blends. I got to test all of them before we decided which were the best! I am majoring in Web Design at the Art Institute, I worked on the designs as well as personally ship/handle all of the completed products. Enjoy the health benefits of our tea; some of them are known for their flowers (rose, lavender, chamomile, linden). I also manage the Gaia Tea Website, Facebook fan-page, and WordPress blog. Did I mention Gaia Tea is an eco-friendly company? We only use compostable and eco-friendly products!

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