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Detox Day with Gaia Tea ?>

Detox Day with Gaia Tea

Good morning! I wake up at 8am with the worst flu ever. My nose is stuffy and head feels like balloon. It’s a sunny winter Friday out there. Luckily it is also my day off from work. I wonder what would happen if I drink all the Rx blends in one day. Will there be a cumulative health benefit. I’ll try anything to get rid of my flu before my date tomorrow. The battle plan is that I drink a…

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From Gaia Tea With Love ?>

From Gaia Tea With Love

Our tea blends are 100% handmade. What does handmade tea mean? Each tea bag is measured and we inspected our ingredients during the production process. Love and time goes into every tea bag, made fresh for you. A majority of store brand teas are produced by the same factories year in and year out. The ingredients are bought in bulk, and the inspection level is minimal. At Gaia Tea we believe that tea is an important part of a healthy…

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Ani Mini-Con Event ?>

Ani Mini-Con Event

On September 24th, Gaia Tea served three of our popular blends at the Ani Mini-Con event located in the Soho Digital Art Gallery.  Here are some pictures of us from that day. The atmosphere was great and everyone were friendly. We hope to be part of future events.