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Antioxidant Blast ?>

Antioxidant Blast

Ingredients: Green Nirvana tea Dry Strawberry pieces Honey Tea has antioxidants but so do fruits and berries. Want a higher antioxidant intake? Then try adding berries or fruits to your teas. Remember to use dry fruit pieces to get a stronger flavor, they also last a lot longer. Did you know that strawberries contain more Vitamin C than oranges? Green tea is typically a relaxation tea. Green Nirvana was handcrafted to relieve minor aches and stresses. Have a spa day…

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Midnight Macaroon ?>

Midnight Macaroon

Midnight Macaroon Ingredients: Macaroon Rooibos tea Milk Sugar Marshmallows After deciding to go caffeine-free during the evening, I ended up trying all kinds of herbal tea blends. I realized I would crave black tea or coffee at night. Gladly, I discovered a great herbal replacement for black tea, it’s called Rooibos. Rooibos is a bush tea from Africa, sometimes referred to as red tea. The best part is rooibos is completely herbal and has absolutely no caffeine! Macaroon Rooibos tastes…

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