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China Black

Black tea, known to the Chinese as red tea, is the most common product of the tea bush, produced by encouraging freshly picked tea leaves to darken with large amount of cellular oxidation. Black tea is consumed all over the world, although it is the least popular style of tea in China. Although not a common notion in the West, the Chinese understand that we need to find internal balance between cooling and warming. This balance between hot and cold, wet and dry, internal and external, ascending and descending is essential for maintaining health. Tea has the remarkable ability to warm cold disorders and to cool warm disorders. It has the ability to drain excess dampness from the body, while moistening dryness. Problems with digestion would be an indication that the body is too cool and a warming tea would be appropriate. Black tea possesses important antioxidant polyphenols theaflavins and thearubigins, which have significant cardiovascular benefits.

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