1. What kind of tea bags do you use?

We use “Press-N-Brew” tea bags, the same ones used by most tea companies in America. The paper is made from a special blend of thermoplastic fibers, abaca, and cellulosic fibers.

2. How do you keep your tea fresh?

All teas are stored in air tight glass containers. We only mix in small batches, just enough to make a box. The tea, spices, and herbs are never stored together or in their mixed form. This way you get the freshest product possible.

3. How good is the quality of your ingredients?

We use only the most natural ingredients available. Our goal is not to profit but to put together the best cup of tea. That means our ingredients are organic or wild crafted, in most cases bought directly from the farmers and herbalists.

4. Do you combine shipping?

Yes, we combine shipping. Order up to any 10 boxes of tea and it will be sent Priority Mail (1-2 business days). For more information, read the Shipping & Delivery page.

5. How is my tea purchase packaged?

Each tea pouch is heat sealed to ensure no tampering during delivery. All materials are recyclable.

6. How do I keep updated with you?

Follow our social media with Facebook and Twitter. Our Pinterest is also super cool, check it out!


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